About Us

Subzero Ltd. started in 2020.

The company's online store has been operational since 2020.

Shop.subzero.ltd and its partners offer to their customers:


Subzero.ltd offers the whole range of products of the leading Bulgarian IT distributors in one place. These are:

· Consultation in the selection of information equipment and software;

· Delivery of computer systems and laptops for home and office;

· Delivery of a wide variety of computer components, modules and software;

· Establishment of computer and television LANs and systems;

· Development of complete information solutions for business;

· Subscription support and service of computer equipment.


Shop.subzero.ltd always strives to keep up with the times and constantly updates the products it offers to best meet the wishes of consumers. With the products they offer: Subscription Services, Free Consultations, Customer Support Center, shop.subzero.ltd and its partners provide complete customer information services so that they can make the most of their computer technology.

Our corporate values ​​are:


We are honest with our customers. We always strive to fulfill the promises we have made.


Our goal is to execute all orders exactly as they are set.

We strive to keep the information on our site as accurate as possible.


We make secure deliveries.



Our ambition is to fulfill our promises on time, as quickly as possible.


Registration information:

· Subzero Ltd.

· UIC 200234197


· Management and correspondence address: Belene, 5Alkander Stamboliyski Str., Entrance D, ap. 6

· CEO: Zlatko Rupov